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Exclusive and comfortable jute sandals

Shangies is an exclusive and trendy sandal brand which provides a luxurious
treat for your feet!

The beautiful and unique sandals are specifically designed to be durable, lightweight, and super comfortable. The soft footbed of Shangies is covered with natural jute fabric and the soft, eye-catching straps provide a beautiful pattern and a very comfortable fit. 

Your sandals are the
absolute best! I have 3 pairs now - bought within the last year - and none of them are worn out, even though I wear them everyday
— A lovely Shangies-fan

Stylish collection & unique retailers

Shangies are the perfect obvious choice for anytime and anywhere - on the beach, at concerts, at parties, and even around the house when it’s too cold outside.

Shangies for women are available in 17 lovely colours and the unisex model is available in 3, so both men and women can easily find a pair to match any outfit and enjoy the comfort of these lightweight sandals.

At Shangies, we hand pick the retailers to suit the brand and we prefer the unique and unconventional retailers such as reputable museum shops, garden centres and spa hotels to the more traditional shoe shops.

Below from the left, our lovely retailer Rialto Living on the sunny island of Mallorca, the hip kiosk, modern grocery store and popular hangout Kihoskh in Copenhagen and the lovely Scandi-inspired lifestyle shop Lifestory in Edinburgh.

Curious where you find your local Shangies-retailer, check our retailer list here.


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